About Me

Jason Geldmacher

38365215906 9ee7b76956 o 200x300 - About MeI started my own business in February 2018, by pairing up with the amazing host agency InteleTravel.com. I believe that my personal travel experience with the destinations is as important as sending my clients to them so I have a wide travel experience and am ever striving to increase my knowledge of the world.

I serve a very wide and diverse clientele. I book for all customers but also cater to the needs of special interest groups. Whenever I have a special interest group you will find me personally guiding specially designed shore excursions, making special pre and post arrangements, as well as taking special care to find inclusive requests that you may desire.

GoldMTravel, goldmtravel.com, can be reached at 302-223-4184. My email is jason@goldmtravel.com.  I do not charge for my services. I get paid by the vendors that I book through. That does not increase your cost at all. You’ll still get the best rates out there. All commissions come from the low fares that you pay, paid directly from the vendors.

President of GoldMTravel

Jason has traveled extensively throughout the world and loves to share his experiences and destination knowledge. Visiting Australia, New Zealand, and Europe just to name a few as well as several cruises.

All of my personal expertise in the various areas of travel allows me to arrange travel plans to fit your needs. I am committed to giving you the best service possible while providing you the best travel values available. jason@goldmtravel.com

My Mission

To Be Your Leading Provider Of A Gold Standard Of Travel Services