Two Months Away

I’m just under two month away from my next trip and wanted to write a little blog about what I am doing to prepare for this trip. The trip is 55 days away, and I’m getting very excited. It’s to one of my favorite locations in the United States for partying. It’s New Orleans. There’s so much to do there, but I’m going for a specific event. Southern Decadence! If you haven’t checked out my events page, I have a lot of events listed on a calendar. Check it out here.

Southern Decadence is an annual six-day event held in New Orleans, Louisiana by the gay and lesbian community during Labor Day Weekend, climaxing with a parade through the French Quarter on the Sunday before Labor Day. Wikipedia. To put it in my own terms, it’s like Mardi Gras for gays. It’s debaucherous fun for the entire weekend. There will be drinking and partying for the entire weekend. I’ve already booked my hotel and will be booking my flight within the next week or so. I get very little sleep, a lot of alcohol, a lot of partying, seeing old friends, making new ones, and very little clothing. It’s hot there. The humidity is smothering.

I haven’t started packing yet, or anything like that. It’s not like my cruises, where I start packing this early, but I have started thinking about what I will pack. There are costumes/gear involved, so I have to plan a little bit in advance. I can’t just pack shorts and tanks and be done. With it being two months away, I will just plan and then execute the packing about two weeks ahead of leaving. Be on the lookout for a youtube video closer to the date for what I pack.

Let’s wrap it up here and we’ll check back in later. Happy travels everyone, and I’ll post more later.